Author: Frédéric Clavert


Unsupervised Europe: a research question

Back in 2008, two historians in Strasbourg (and a larger and interdisciplinary team with them, that included sociologists, for instance) started a research project, made of a series of academic conferences on anti-europeanism, euroscepticism and alter-europeanism. We were then three years after the rejection by referendum in France and the Netherlands of the European Constitutional Treaty. Almost two decades after political sciences, historians started to study this subject, beyond the failure of the European Defence Community (EDC) in 1954. This research program ended up by the edition of two books (with chapters in French, English and German): Wassenberg Birte, Clavert Frédéric et Hamman Philippe, Contre L’europe? Anti-europeisme, Euroscepticisme Et Alter-europeisme Dans La Construction Europeenne De 1945 a Nos Jours: les concepts: Contributions … de l’homme d’Alsace MISHA, 1. Aufl., Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH, 2010. Găinar Maria et Libera Martia, Contre l’Europe? / anti-européisme, euroscepticisme et alter-européisme dans la construction européenne de 1945 à nos jours. (Volume 2): Acteurs institutionnels, milieux politiques et société civile : contributions au « Programme Junior 2009-2010 » de la Maison interuniversitaire des sciences de l’homme – Alsace (MISHA), 2013.


Unsupervised Europe – new research project, new blog

The aim of this blog will be to expose the methodological problems, advances and results of a research project focusing on online debates about European integration, called UNSURE (Unsupervised Europe: European citizens and online debates about European integration).

The UNSURE project will try to figure out how European citizens relate to EU democratic institutions at a time when political debate has frequently hinged on the democratic deficit of such bodies.

The blog will start by focusing on a sub-theme (and sub-dataset) of the UNSURE project: French-speaking newsgroups such as fr.soc.economie which was the main Usenet newsgroups to debate on economic issues, including related to the common economic policies.

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