Unsupervised Europe – new research project, new blog

The aim of this blog will be to expose the methodological problems, advances and results of a research project focusing on online debates about European integration, called UNSURE (Unsupervised Europe: European citizens and online debates about European integration).

The UNSURE project will try to figure out how European citizens relate to EU democratic institutions at a time when political debate has frequently hinged on the democratic deficit of such bodies.

The blog will start by focusing on a sub-theme (and sub-dataset) of the UNSURE project: French-speaking newsgroups such as fr.soc.economie which was the main Usenet newsgroups to debate on economic issues, including related to the common economic policies.

Frédéric Clavert

Docteur en histoire contemporaine, Frédéric Clavert a étudié les sciences politiques et l'histoire contemporaine à Strasbourg et à Leeds. Ses recherches touchent aujourd'hui de plus en plus aux sources de l'historien.ne à l'ère numérique. Passé par Strasbourg, Paris-Sorbonne et Lausanne, il est désormais chercheur au Center for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) de l'Université du Luxembourg.

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